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We believe that every child has the right to education, including in the field of technology. We support lower income families - feel free to contact us about this.

The South Asian country Bangladesh is close to our hearts, as one of the founders of CodexPro was born and raised there. In Bangladesh, the need for programming courses for children and young people is just as great as in Germany.
The developing country borders India and Myanmar. It is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Since independence in 1971, income poverty has already been halved and the school enrolment rate is close to 100%. Currently, the government is working to reach middle-income levels and to ensure that there is no longer extreme poverty in Bangladesh. CodexPro supports low-income families with different scholarships.

CodexPro GmbH (a private limited company) is located in Berlin, Germany.
The franchise CodexPro (Kids Online Learning Platform) is located in Sylhet, Bangladesh.


We believe that children should learn programming from the age of 7. Why so early? As long as learning content is taught in a playful way, programming can be learned like a new language. As long as it is fun, learning programming can and should be started as early as possible. We all know from our experience that the older you are, the harder it is to learn something new.
Children learn the most important basics of life until they are six years old. By the age of five or six, most children can already read. Children are curious and want to understand and question things. From the age of 7, children are able to use more complex and logical thinking, and this is where CodexPro comes in, to develop important skills and abilities.

The digital transformation is in full swing. The whole working life as well as most of the leisure time is shifting more and more into the online-section. This also includes changes in communication, including education. The demands on the labour market as well as the occupational fields are increasingly changing. New business models and new competitive structures are emerging in the global economy.
Unfortunately, compared to other industrialised countries, Germany is only in the middle of the pack in the area of digitalisation.
Bangladesh is in the process of becoming 'Digital Bangladesh'. The Information and Communication Technology Division (ICT) is seen as an integral part of the country's development.
CodexPro wants to offer children a future and opportunities for development in the digital sector and to actively and sustainably help shape it. Expertise in programming is acquired, deepened, and further developed in a playful way. Our learning programme promotes solution-oriented and logical ways of thinking. Cognitive skills are trained and new competences are acquired. We want to teach a structured approach, encourage teamwork, and not neglect the fun of learning. We want to open up the digital world to children and young people. We want to introduce them to the correct and responsible use of ease, accompany them and, however, also point out possible dangers.
Read more about our learning goals here:

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Programming is generally about creating and implementing computer software. Readable and executable source codes are developed for machines and computers, such as programming washing programmes for a washing machine.
Programming is used in many areas:
Game Development - programming and developing games
Web Development - creating web-based applications, such as websites
Web Apps - mailing and messenger services, navigation services and online games
Desktop Apps - text, photo, audio, and video editing programmes
Mobile Apps - mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and 'smart' devices such as smart TVs or cars running built-in software
Database - electronic data storage, structuring and management
Data Visualisation - preparing large amounts of data to better understand what it says and means
IT Systems - information technology systems are generally electronic data processing systems such as computers, server systems, database systems, processing computers, communication systems, and many more
Artificial Intelligence - AI, is concerned with research into the reproduction of human perception and action by machines

The courses are designed to be as interactive as possible so that the kids do not feel the added pressure of experiencing our provision as a traditional lesson but rather as a leisure activity. Our classes are structured in such a way that only one hour per week of live-online-classes takes place, and the rest of the time each student can spend individually in self-study. Our goal is that our students will return to our classes with great joy every time.

On a political level, the topic of programming and computer science is already being discussed. Until a new subject is adopted and integrated into the curricula as well as into daily lessons at schools, years of valuable educational time pass.

It is possible to learn programming on your own, but programming languages are not learned by heart like other languages. Problems or bugs often arise during programming. If you don't have an experienced contact person at your side, you won't get anywhere. Learning to program on your own requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, so we recommend our courses with an easy and fun start.

According to our survey, parents, teachers, and professors think that children should spend about 2 hours a week learning programming. We agree with this. CodexPro offers 1 hour of learning per week. In addition, our learning platform is available at any time for self-study, to catch up on past lessons, to complete asynchronous learning activities, and to create your own games or projects using the knowledge already acquired.

We recommend that schools and other educational institutions offer programming during school hours. We can offer individually tailored theme weeks, holiday courses, or evening courses.
Both the school and the students themselves benefit from a modern additional offer.

Our courses

When it comes to learning programming languages, CodexPro believes that kids should learn in stages. As they develop the process of human language. Anyone between the ages of 7 and 17 is welcome to attend our classes.
The younger pupils (7 to 12 years old) begin with 'Coding 101', a Scratch course. After successfully completing the course, they proceed to our 'Coding with Python' course. Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 are welcome to enroll in our Python course. If a student under the age of 13 wants to take the Python course, they should first take our Scratch course.

Our courses are especially designed for kids without any previous knowledge of programming.

A very clear YES! We very much welcome the opportunity to get more girls interested in computers and programming to make them fit for the future.

Our classes are available in three languages: English, Bangla, and German (currently in Germany only).

At the moment, CodexPro is offering two programming courses. One is based on the 'Scratch' introductory programming language. This language was created with young people in mind. Scratch allows you to learn programming in an appealing, simple, and visual way. For the practical portion of the course, we use the Scratch online community platform.
The other course is based on the programming language 'Python'. The most in-demand programming language is Python. Python is currently used in almost every industry and will continue to be used in the future. Python's popularity stems in part from its ease of learning.

Our course participants learn the programming language 'Scratch'. This language was developed especially for young people. Programming can be learned intuitively, understandably, and visually with the help of Scratch. We use the Scratch online community platform for the practical part of the course. 
The topics of the individual course modules are: Introducing Code Behaviour, Digital Systems and Coding Fundamentals, Algorithms, Coding Concepts, Coding to Solve Problems, and Coding to Develop Online Services.
Our students are not only expected to learn programming languages, but to be taught important skills and abilities, see our learning objectives:

'Coding with Python' is an coding course that takes a proactive, hands-on approach. The course covers the fundamentals of Python coding, allowing students to design and debug computer programs as well as develop basic Python applications. In addition, the course promotes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication skills, which are all important life skills.
The course includes more than 50 engaging student projects that each student must complete. This will provide students with practical language experience and assist them in developing their own distinctive and creative initiatives.
See the detailed learning goals and outcomes of the Python course:

Our online-live-courses are interactive, fun, and the learning content is delivered in a playful way. The courses are presented using Google Meet, where the group meets weekly. We have designed many of our own videos, animations, games, and activities for each lesson to teach the knowledge in a simple and understandable way. We use the online community platform Scratch and Google Colab for Python to immediately deepen theoretical learning in practice. The CodexPro learning platform can be used additionally at any time. Here you can find the recordings of the completed courses, the videos, useful links, assignments and activities for self-study.
On request, our mentors can also teach groups on site with suitable technical equipment.

Each of our courses lasts for seven months. For both 'Coding 101' and 'Coding with Python', there are 28 online live classes. Once a week, for one hour, at your convenience, classes are held.

In Germany, the Scratch course fee is 224€, which is 32€ per month, and just 8€ per week for one lesson (1 hour). The Python course will be available for 315€ (45€ per month and 11.25€ per lesson). The online learning platform, which can be used at any time with additional activities and support, is always included.
In Bangladesh, the courses are currently offered at a reduced rate of 10500 BDT for the courses as well as full access to the CodexPro learning platform.

Our classes are held in small groups of 5-8 students so that the mentor has enough time to work with each student individually.

We recommend a quiet place for the kids and a stable power supply, connection to the internet, including ensuring the speed of the connection and the current browser software, is required. 
We recommend a PC or laptop. A tablet or mobile phone (Android Jelly Bean or latest version, display size at least 7 inches) can also be used. In addition, the medium used should be used with a headset, headphones, or speakers, as well as a microphone and webcam.

Yes! You can attend one free demo class for any of our courses:

We are sending an order confirmation with the booked course, the start date, and the corresponding time. All this information can also be viewed in the personal CodexPro profile.

In our team, we have professional and experienced mentors who personally guide the course participants through the course. Our mentors are thoroughly checked in advance. Our mentors have a great deal of technical know-how which they are keen to pass on. 

If you miss a lesson in the course, we always have the recording and asynchronous learning activities available on our learning platform. Your mentor will also be happy to help you if you have any questions about the lesson you missed.

Unfortunately, this can also happen. Another mentor will take over so that the lesson will not be cancelled. If no replacement can be found, the lesson will be made up by arrangement or the whole course will be postponed for one week. Everyone will be informed of this in good time.

This is possible, please send us an email:

After completion of a course, each course participant receives an individual certificate of participation.

We do not have an examination in the actual sense, but at the end of the courses we have a major project for all course participants. Here the skills and what has been learned can be put to the test.

For Germany, the course 'Programming with Python' will be available shortly. We are always planning more high-quality courses. You can stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

All our instructional materials are digital, and our classes are recorded. We provide all the necessary materials. No additional books or learning materials are required to attend the courses.

For German students, we currently accept PayPal and wire transfer as forms of payment. We accept bKash as payment from Bangladeshi students.